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« Sustainable mobility is the ability to respond to society’s needs to move freely, access, communicate, negotiate and establish relationships without sacrificing other human and ecological values today or in the future. »

Source: World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Earth temperature is directly associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. The increase of temperature, which has occurred in recent decades, is directly affecting existing water resources and this is reflected in biodiversity, human health, agriculture, energy, economy, socio-economic we know.

Socio-economic development has triggered, especially in large cities, an increase in mobility needs. The decentralization of activities and services and the urban dispersion of residences that have occurred in the last decades are pointed out as the main causes for the increasing use of individual transport and for the exponential development verified at the transport network level.

According to recent Eurostat data, in the European Union, transport accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumed, and of this fraction about 97% of the energy used in transport comes from fossil fuels.

According to the European Union, the promotion of sustainable mobility is a key step towards reducing the weight of energy consumption in the transport sector and avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases.

In order to promote sustainable mobility, there should be better integration between different modes of transport, so as to optimize their use, reduce congestion and reduce energy consumption.
The promotion of an accessible and relatively fast integrated public transport network has been used successfully in some cities to avoid car use.

The growing use of biofuels is also an interesting strategy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels as well as the introduction of next generation vehicles.

However, only the combination of ambitious environmental policies and a change in the habits of society can achieve sustainable mobility!

The challenge proposed in this project is to discover, by teaching our students and taking advantage of their ideas, new ways of mobility that are more sustainable, environmentally friendly and ecological, that do not compromise energy reserves for the future.

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