Mobilité Durable Quiz

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  1. A sustainable transport system:2
  2. To improve people’s quality of life, it is necessary to:2
  3. The main challenge for sustainable mobility is related to:2
  4. Vancouver (Canada) is one of the most sustainable cities from the point of view of mobility because:2
  5. To promote decarbonisation, it is necessary that the choice of fuels guarantees:2
  6. Biofuels can be considered environmentally friendly because they allow:2
  7. The transport sector accounts for around 25% of greenhouse gas emissions and:2
  8. In order to comply with the Paris Agreement, fossil fuel generation must be halved until:2
  9. The biggest “polluter” on the planet is:2
  10. If you want to arrive to the Teide peak you will need to go into:2
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