This course is for teachers who participate in the Interreg Sudoe ClimACT project, but also for all teachers interested in the topics discussed here, whose main objective is to promote and share the key knowledge for the promotion of environmental education for sustainability and low carbon economy.

The course has an innovative and diversified approach to work on environmental education, as this project promotes a set of skills in various areas of sustainability and collaborative work between teachers and students, as well as between other schools in the national and European network.

“To live well within the limits of the Planet is the strong message of sustainability. Empowering citizens to meet the challenges of this ambition requires a strong focus on the traditional dimensions of Environmental Education (EE) in a more systemic approach, but above all, new dimensions based on participation and responsibility for territorial action. It is important to raise awareness among citizens, companies and also public and private entities to improve the efficiency of the use of resources and to promote circular and sharing economies less consuming and wasteful, more environmentally friendly and more focused on the specifics of the territories.”
Source: ENEA2020


Teaching methods:

Videos (lectures) on different topics, powerpoint presentations, documents and reference books to study each theme, tests, practical activities to implement in the classroom and links to projects and sites of interest to teachers.


Target Audience:




Margarida Gomes, national coordinator of the Eco-Schools programme, ABAE;

Marta Almeida, project coordinator Interreg SUDOE ClimACT, IST;

More than 10 experts present various ClimACT themes.


Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.


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Click on any of the lessons “Mobility”, “Energy”, etc. (The order of the 10 lessons is chosen by the trainee himself.) Watch the video(s) of each lesson and answer the evaluation questionnaires.
The course is finished when you complete the questionnaires of all lessons;

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Course Structure:

Introduction to Climate Change
Introduction to Green Procurement
Introduction to Green Areas
Introduction to Externalities
Introduction to Gamification
Introduction to Water Management
Introduction to Energy Management
Introduction to Waste Management
Introduction to Mobility
Introduction to Air Quality



Test at the end of each class (10 multiple-choice questions) = 10 questionnaires

Certificate delivery at the end of the training to all trainees who successfully complete the evaluation process.

Interreg Sudoe ClimACT project contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals